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Authentic Leadership

Being heard, respected, and followed are essential to  making a difference in your field, your community, or the world. There are plenty of tips and tricks to leadership but the truth is, it’s about how you show up beyond leadership best practices. Being the authentic leader you are is the Key. ‘Being’ the authentic leader you are is what it takes to get noticed, heard, and supported in any endeavour you take on; Explore the essentials in this talk.

Emotional Intelligence is Simply Being Present

There’s a lot of hype around emotional intelligence, but what is it?  The essence of being emotionally intelligent is understanding that we are emotional beings; We have emotional bodies and they are designed to serve us. We have an innate intelligence, an inner warning system that acts as a guidance system. They are all a part of what makes us unique individuals and amazing human beings. The experience of life is what makes life rich and exciting, we experience it through the emotional body making the key to life, a practise of being present.  Trudy’s talk will awaken your connection with your own emotional intelligence, expand your understanding of how the body supports you to be emotionally intelligent, and give you tools to develop your awareness and the skills that allows us to be all that you can be.

Creating Space for Innovation

Innovation is a function of creativity and both can only come from an open and free mind. Magic happens when all members of a team enter that space from a place of trust. How do we create this space, what are the necessary components for success, and the elements that destroy the environment?Trudy’s talk walks you through how the mind works, the elements that support successful creativity, and offers 3 key strategies to innovation that can be implemented in your company right now.

Past Events

I was honoured and excited to take part in The Big Giving: An exclusive 3-Day interactive immersion experience for leaders and their business.

My topic was Being the Authentic Leader You Are which is very much in alignment with the vision and beliefs of The Academy Of Becoming.

This Event was invitation only and open to members and visitors of this website. Thank you all for coming!